ABC Swim

We love to share our enjoyment of the water with you and your little ones.  At the Active Baby Company we believe that it’s never too early to learn to swim. By bringing your baby to an infant aquatics class your baby will learn to develop their natural instincts in the water as well as have fun!

We aim to facilitate and encourage their journey as they explore the world of water and how it’s so different and unrestricted from being on land. Water allows more freedom of movement and they experience so many different sensations as it stimulates all of the senses.

You are in the water with your baby the whole time learning together. If you are not a swimmer or are a weak swimmer don’t be put off as the water is always shallow enough for you to stand up in and the teacher is always on hand to offer advice or support.

Lessons are planned to gently introduce you and your little one to the water and gradually increase confidence, experience and understanding. We plan our lessons to suit the class needs and provide structured, stimulating activities and give you both time and space to experience it together.

Benefits for your child

  • Give your child confidence in the water
  • Enjoyment and respect for the water
  • Great exercise for babies and toddlers

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