Baby Massage

At the Active Baby Company our fully qualified massage teacher can teach you a life long skill and enable you to confidently massage your baby.

arm-bubMany cultures have used massage as part of baby care for hundreds of years.

Research has shown there are tangible benefits for both baby and parent. By learning how to massage your baby, you can help to improve sleep, ease colic, constipation or wind, and reduce muscle tension. Relaxing your baby can improve the immune system, aid in the development of body and mind awareness, co-ordination and flexibility.

Massage is a beautiful form of communication between parent and child that enhances feelings of security and stability; helps to develop mutual trust and respect which increases baby’s feeling of being loved and secure.

baby-massage-1Baby Massage courses are available as either individual or group sessions. Classes can be held in the comfort of your own home, at the instructor’s home or at a venue. Oils, handouts, change mats, and refreshments are provided.

Do you have 2 or more friends who would like to join you in learning baby massage? Would you prefer to host a course from your home?

Courses are relaxed, fun and run throughout the year.

Taster sessions can be arranged for mother and baby groups, etc.

The benefits

Many cultures have used massage as part of baby care for hundreds of years.

The Benefits for Baby:

back-rubPositive Touch: develops a baby’s first language of positive touch. The skin is one of the first systems to develop when a baby is conceived, is the largest sensory organ of the body and the first to come into being. It remains a constant, even though it may vary structurally and functionally with age. Touch says so much without actually speaking. Touch is one of the most important and dominant ways in we all learn as it involves our skin.

Bonding: can make baby feel loved, secure, and create strong bonds with parents.

Aids Relaxation: which can improve the immune system. Improves sleep as it soothes the nervous system. By relaxing baby it can also help induce restful sleep and often helps sleep routines.

Eases: colic, constipation, or wind, and reduces muscle tension.

Aids: in development of mind, body and spatial awareness; learning about their body and how it moves.

chest-rubCan Improve Muscle Tone and flexibility. Can Strengthen digestive, respiratory and immune systems.

Use of oils on the skin moisturises it which is an added benefit that it improves skin condition in terms of look, feel, nourishment and condition. Social interaction and ability to adapt to new environments and increase their awareness and experience of the world around them.

The Benefits for You:

Allows you to enjoy time relaxing and bonding with your baby. Increases your understanding and confidence with your baby.

Helps you meet other parents in a relaxed environment. Allows you and your baby to grow together with a new, shared experience.

Who? Where? How Long? How Much?


All caregivers: mums, dads, grandparents, childminders.


Classes can be held in the comfort of your own home, at the instructor’s home or at a venue.

How Long?

Each session lasts for about 1 hour with some time after for discussion and cakes or biscuits!

How Much?

  • Group class: £45 for a 5 week term
  • Solo class: £75 for a 3 week term
  • Cost includes oils, handouts, change mats and refreshments!

How Many?

Group classes between 3 & 8 Baby & Carer couples.