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When swimming with the Active Baby Company your child MUST wear DOUBLE protection in the pool. This includes a swim nappy AND either a Happy Nappy OR a Baby Snug. Non compliance will result in the parent being liable for costs if your baby soils in the pool.

wet-suit-toddlerA Baby Snug or Baby Wrap is recommended up to 6 months and is desirable/optional up to approx 18 months to 2 years. Snugs and Wraps are very useful in public pools too, which are kept at approx 28/29°C.

Here are Active Baby Company’s recommended options for swimwear for your child.

  • Option 1: Reusable (or disposable) under nappy + Baby Snug
  • Option 2: Reusable (or disposable) under nappy + Happy Nappy + BabyWrap
  • Option 3: Reusable (or disposable) under nappy + Happy Nappy

If you would like to order swimwear or need advice, message us on our facebook page or email us denise@activebabycompany.co.uk with your little one’s age/size and we can check what we have in stock and advise.


Active Baby Company - Swim Shop