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When swimming with the Active Baby Company your child MUST wear DOUBLE protection in the pool. This includes a swim nappy AND either a Happy Nappy OR a Baby Snug. Non compliance will result in the parent being liable for costs if your baby soils in the pool.

wet-suit-toddlerA Baby Snug or Baby Wrap is recommended up to 6 months and is desirable/optional up to approx 18 months to 2 years. Snugs and Wraps are very useful in public pools too, which are kept at approx 28/29°C.

Here are Active Baby Company’s recommended options for swimwear for your child.

  • Option 1: Reusable (or disposable) under nappy + Baby Snug
  • Option 2: Reusable (or disposable) under nappy + Happy Nappy + BabyWrap
  • Option 3: Reusable (or disposable) under nappy + Happy Nappy

You can now order all of these products directly from Active Baby Company, please feel free to call us for advice on sizes etc. on 01604 826066.


Active Baby Company - Swim Shop