Class Booking

If you are considering joining Active Baby Company you will need to consider the developmental stage (rather than age) of your child, and the days that you are available to swim in order to choose which of our classes is best suited for you and your child.  First, decide which category describes your child, select view classes and then contact us to book your place.

Babies – View Classes

Typically 8 weeks upwards relaxing, bonding, floating and enjoying being together and building water confidence together in the pool, gentle submersions, starting to take notice of things.


Rollers & Wrigglers – View Classes

Typically 6 months plus trying to sit up and move around maybe bum shuffling, starting to crawl or try and roll and move and wriggle, manoeuvring more around the pool and introduce more upright activities, focus on reflexive action becoming actual activity.


Tots & Toddlers – View Classes

Typically 12 months plus probably walking or starting to walk, eager to learn and see new things and very inquisitive In the pool starting to encourage independence so they are doing the work not parent pushing them around the pool


Talkers, Walkers & Runners – View Classes

Typically 2 years upwards wanting to do things themselves, steady on their feet, starting to articulate what they want through sign, speech and action, desperate to be independent but sometime struggle to make them selves understood becoming increasingly independent and starting to try out using the fins and taking charge more becoming independent on the fins and equipment and working more on stretching out and classic swimming and trying to swim to the side unaided.


Pre-School – View Classes

Typically 3.5 years upwards still need parental support in the pool but working on confidence and listening towards going solo, focus water confidence and stretching out and good body positioning, short swims.